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Gravitas Salt Dough-Wrapped Fish

Gravitas Restaurant will participate in Houston Restaurant Week, August 1-21. Chef/partner Scott Tycer shows food radio talk show host Cleverley Stone how to make baked fish wrapped in salt dough. It makes a unique presentation when you create a personal greeting from the dough and place on top of the … >> read more & watch video

Everything Anyone Wanted to Know about Oysters

Many people are in the dark when it comes to eating oysters. Chef Scott Tycer has opened an oyster bar at his restaurant, Gravitas, and he shows the diva of dish and radio talk show host, Cleverley Stone, how to select, store, open, clean, and eat an oyster … >> read more & watch video

Cleverley’s Cooking Corner: Scott’s Eggs and Tycer Toast

Boring breakfasts be gone! It’s Tycer time! Chef Scott Tycer is one of the most acclaimed chefs in the Houston area and his restaurant Textile was just named by Travel & Leisure magazine as one of the ‘Best 50 New U.S. Restaurants.’

Chef Scott Tycer shows Houston restaurant >> read more & watch video

Food for a Cause and New Restaurant Finally Opens After Hurricane Ike

Restaurant journalist Cleverley Stone shares news about two fundraisers that include food and a new restaurant by a top Houston chef.

Watch Cleverley present this special post-Hurricane Ike edition of her Weekend Dining Picks on FOX 26 Morning News.

The Tasting Room Uptown Park is extending their ‘Party for the … >> read more & watch video

Gravitas Restaurant: An American Bistro for Houston

Gravitas Restaurant is located on 807 Taft, Houston, TX 77019. To contact Gravitas, call 713-522-0995.

Gravitas Restaurant is described as a modern American bistro, offering fine dining cuisine in a laid back, casual environment. Award winning chefs and owners, Jason Gould and Scott Tycer, take pride in serving classic American … >> read more & watch video